Isnt This Clever Isnt This Clever

Clever gifts are what we are all about! One of our top selling gift items is the Finders Key Purse ® key finder. Do you know where your keys are? It's so easy to lose your keys. Most women lose their keys inside their large purses and when in a rush, are forced to dump everything out of their bags just to find their keys resting at the very bottom. What a pain! Alexx Inc. has created an amazing tool. The Finders Key Purse ® key finders make finding your keys easy. Hook your keys on a Finders Key Purse ® key chain clasp. Then slip your Finders Key Purse ® key finder design over the edge of your purse, briefcase, or backpack. Don't misplace your car keys, house keys, locker keys, or office keys ever again. We guarantee the patented Alexx Inc. Finders Key Purse ® key finder will save you much valuable time! Make your life easier with our accessories.

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How Does A Finders Key Purse Work?

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