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Senior Citizen

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I was going to a trade show in Hawaii, and realized that THE BUS(that is the name of the bus) stopped right in front of my hotel and dropped me just about a block from the convention center. Take a taxi or Uber or jump on the bus. Well let’s see the price difference. Uber and taxi about $18 plus tip. Bus $2.50. OH WAIT! Senior citizens (those over 65) are only $1. Though I hate to admit it, I am on Medicare. That makes me officially a senior citizen so I AM going to take advantage of the $1 fare. Getting deals is maybe the only thing good about getting old.

I get on the first bus, tell the driver I am a senior citizen and show him my Medicare Insurance card, put a dollar bill in the machine, he smiles and I sit down. Easy peasy. The second and third time I find the same ease. But the last day when I am leaving and carrying 3 heavy totes back to the show, the driver tells me that I am not a senior citizen and that I need to pay $2.50. I argue. He argues back. For the extra $1.50 I am not going to get my blood pressure up(I am a senior citizen you know), so I sit down, dig through my wallet, and the next stop I get up and pay my dues. As I sit down in my chair, a woman sits down next to me and says “You know, these seats are only for senior citizens!”.

Normally I would have just ignored this woman, but I was so hot under the collar to begin with, I looked her straight in the eye and said “I AM a senior citizen. I just look good!” Case closed.

Vin Scully

Morgan and I were talking about college, and earthquakes, and dates! What do these 3 things have in common? Nothing. They make great subjects to talk about on a slow Monday afternoon.As we chatted about men and dates, I had to share my thoughts about Vin Scully of the Dodgers. In the good old days, I did fly [...]

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The Missing Tile

True, I went to a lecture called Happiness is a Serious Issue. There were about 7 issues that created a reason why we couldn’t be happy. One was entitled The Missing Tile. Imagine walking into the Sistine Chapel, looking up at the incredibly beautiful ceiling, and then saying, “too bad that the one tile is missing or this would [...]

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Bad Things Come in Threes...

I have been divorced (no it was so not amicable) for about 8 years. Though the knucklehead goes to MY doctor, MY dentist, MY post office box, MY bank and only lives a few miles away, I have been fortunate not to have run into him……ever! (thank you to the deities up above).A few months ago I went [...]

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Some Things Never Change...

I was hired in 1971 as a stewardess. In those days there were no cell phones, pagers or computers (I guess that makes me ancient). We were “on call” for the first few years, which meant that we had to stay home and wait for the phone to ring, grab the call, grab our suitcase, and run to the [...]

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New for Fall

You Asked. We Listened.Several months ago, our customers were emailed an optional survey that would help us select our new designs!Here are the results:Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who participated in our survey! What do you think of our new designs? Let us know by emailing us at!

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Finders Key Purse vs Purse Hanger

(Image: Finders Key Purse Key Finder above, Hang'em High Purse Hanger below)It was a rainy day in Hawaii so I decided to make people smile by passing out Finders Key Purse to the delightful staff that was getting bombarded to "fix the weather" (it's interesting to see mortals trying to become godlike). The women were so happy to get a present [...]

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Happy Place

My "Happy Place" is Hawaii. I am currently enjoying my time on the beautiful island of Oahu. Here is a little glimpse of the sunset from last night. Sometimes words can never be enough to explain the beauty of nature.Hope everyone is enjoying their week!Aloha,Sandy

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Hi from the WBENC conference in Las Vegas!Did you know...If you have a woman owned business, and you get certified with the WBENC, you can officially be declared a minority! There are a lot of opportunities for minority certified businesses! That is exactly what I did, and I have been making connections ever since.If you are interested, here [...]

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Be Safe

(Image: Sandy Stein with our Drink Test Kit)Recently we’ve added some new safety products to our line. After running into some trouble in Hawaii a few years back, I decided that I needed to help keep women safer!My “safety disaster” went something like this:Step 1. I had a delightful Happy Hour Mai Tai at a local bar with a [...]

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